Tonight we are headed to Winter Jam. It is a concert featuring 10 Christian bands and I am excited to go. Especially since my wife and I get to take our two sons.

Music is quite important to our family. My wife, Kim, has a degree in Music and has been singing since as far back as I have ever known her. I have been playing guitar (self taught) since I was 19. She and I often play at Church. Our sons sing with us from time to time which melts my heart more than I can ever say.

It was music that lead me to make the final decision to follow Christ, and it was Kim who helped me to find that music. I had become quite attached to the metal scene and never thought I would listen to anything that had a volume of less than 2 million decibels.

When planning our wedding, Kim began having me listen to songs she wanted to use for the different portions of the wedding and reception. It wasn’t too long that her cassette took a permanent place in my car stereo (we are talking 1995 here folks.) Soon there was a Christian radio station on one of my presets and things just kept progressing.

I still enjoyed the metal music, but after a while I listened to it less and less. Mostly because I did not care to hear the lyrics anymore.

So fast forward to 2008. I started a new job and became friends with the guy who was training me. He noticed I was listing to Steve Vai via my crappy computer speakers. I had turned to listening to more instrumental metal in order to get my fix for the fast paced intricate guitar playing while not filling my head with vulgarity.

We talked music for a little bit then when he found out I loved the metal sound but hated the non-christian type lyrics he immediately recommend the band Demon Hunter. I was blown away. My hunger for their music and music like theirs was insatiable!

Enter Nodes of Ranvier (the reason for this post) and their song Wrathbarer. This song was me start to finish. It is the song that I turn to when I start to feel like I am slipping away from my decision to follow Christ. In short THIS SONG CONVICTS ME.

The song begins with the singer discrediting the existence of God. It continues on denying His presence but slowly the man in the story realizes his error and recognizing he is ‘not alone,” and repenting.

Every word in this song touches a part of my life. Although I never fell so far as to say God did not exist, I often questioned if He knew I did, so to me there was a void and that void produced anger and resentment.

So here it is, have a listen. I hope you enjoy. BTW if you have not guessed, this is not elevator music…

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