Can’t find a theme I like and a funny story…

So, I am constantly looking at themes for WordPress. I can always find inspiration for sites I am doing for others, but can never find one I like to begin with for my own.

That said, I am just going to force myself to use the latest default theme until I can get off my hind end and get one created for this space I call my own.

So a funny thing happened to me yesterday.

I play a lot of geo-location based games such as Foursquare etc… I used to play a different one that I had not logged into in over a year. Well, I received an email from someone who had found me via the game and noticed that I had some rare items that are collected. By rare, I mean the item numbers were double digit as opposed to in the thousands etc…

Anyway, the gentleman states that he had been to my (other) blog and saw that I liked t-shirts and offered to purchase a t-shirt for me if I would be willing to trade him my more rare items for the the same items, only much higher in item number. I thought at first he was with the game itself trying to get me to pick it back up, but he quickly proved that theory wrong.

So, I said sure. I mean, why would I want to be “that guy” you know, the one who hoards the rare stuff on a game he actually no longer even had on his phone…

I have spent about 20 minutes total trading items, swapping items, gaining achievements, and trading more items. I figure if they are that important to him, why should I rob him of his fun?

We have chatted a bit, he has followed me on Twitter and even tweeted about my contest! I feel good about my choice to trade the items with him. I also feel good about my choice to offer him my paypal address instead of him having to take the time to search out a t-shirt, hope I will like it, pay for it etc… I figure it is more time for him to play his game, right?

I will let you know if he actually sends any $. Even if he doesn’t, so what, it was a fun way to pass some time.

– Joby

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