Volunteers need help too…

Greg Mathews, is a close friend of mine with Cerebral Palsy, has been accepted to be a games maker (volunteer) at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

This is a great honor, but it comes at a price. You see, as a Games Maker, they don’t get paid for their time. As Greg puts it, “…nor do we expect to as it is a privilege to be selected to take part,…” They will be given travel passes to travel around London, and will also receive meal vouchers for the days they volunteer.

Were he is looking for help is with accommodation. There are to be a great many volunteers so finding affordable accommodations will be a task.

While Greg is not looking for direct monetary handouts, he is willing to discuss sponsorship such as wearing your company’s hat or t-shirt when not ‘on duty.’ Check out Sponsor a Games Maker for more details.

If you have or know of any one who has the ability to help him find a camp site, hostel, even someones spare room in the Hounslow area please contact Greg.


-Till next time
– Joby

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