Making it

Last Summer I lost my job.

It is nearly the beginning of Spring and I have yet to find a new one, but God has been faithful and provided my family with a consistent income. While being unemployed and living on unemployment benefits is not my dream way of life, it has opened my eyes to some opportunities that I never thought I would explore.

Since the day I was expectantly downsized, I have been pursuing personal interests. I have always wanted to create a web site that would be used by the masses or a smart phone app that people would find helpful and fun.

Those who know me well know that I have been designing websites on and off since 1997. I have developed a friendship with a programmer from the U.K. for nearly as long. I have bounced probably 30 ideas off of him in that amount of time. We have actually worked to make a couple of them come to life, but day jobs and other obstacles kept them from progressing very far.

Until now.

I am currently working with him to produce a neat little site that I believe many will find helpful and fun. We are getting close to our beta stage and hope to gather some useful information from a handful of folks that I am quite sure will give me their unbiased opinions.

Once we have their opinions and have considered their input, I will be letting you guys in on what it is an how you can use it.

I am grateful for the chance to stop thinking about it and start making it happen.

Until we release the site, you can always see what I am up to each Thursday on with my weekly shave reviews.

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